Falles Properties


We are very proud of the portfolio of properties and strong relationships we have built with our tenants and customers over the years. It is our mission to continue to grow and to provide an excellent quality standard of accommodation to the marketplace.

The early years

Falles originally started out in 1926 by the current Chairman’s grandfather, trading under the name of Falle’s Motor Works and its principle business was vehicle repairs operating from all premises and properties owned by Falles. in Bagot, St. Saviour.

It was in 1996, that Falles decided to separate its motor trading activities from its property holding division and from there Falles Properties, as a property company, was created to concentrate on and enhance its property interests.

Where we are now

Falles Properties is still an independent family owned company which owns an extensive property portfolio in Jersey and Guernsey, comprising a varied mix of properties, from residential studio apartments and houses to commercial office suites, showrooms, workshops and warehouses.

Our main activities are the letting, management and maintenance of these residential and commercial properties.

We also purchase and develop new sites for the residential market in Jersey and on occasion we develop sites for the commercial property market in Jersey and Guernsey.